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Leabhar PR is a a boutique publicity firm specializing in PR.


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Five Book Deal Challenges

  There are several components to why a book deal is tough to land and it goes beyond the simple factor there are a lot of writers trying to land one. An agent or small press has no choice, but to be selective and here is why. 1. Picking projects they believe in The role of an agent and acquisitions editor have to be selective in what projects they select. It starts with selecting projects they believe will sell. For an agent, this means, if they don’t feel the project is strong and a publisher will not buy the writes to it, they won’t t take it on. They’ve spent years developing relationships with publishers and if they send projects that won’t sell, their contacts will stop taking their calls and emails. This not only impacts their business, but future authors/books they represent. The editors they pitch have more books that can fit on their desk so they have to be very selective in what they consider. Also, just because they know them and have placed books with them, does not mean they can get your work placed. Small presses authors can pitch directly, they also have countless books to consider so you need to be selective in who you pitch. Beyond the strength of the work, editors and agents need to consider marketing and sales because at the end of the day, this has a large impact on how the book performs in the market. 2. The big picture. Agents and editors do not think about the short term when considering a new project. They want to build a career...

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